We know you’re busy and we want to get you loaded safely, quickly and with the minimum fuss.

If you decide to collect your goods from one of our branch we ask you to consider the suitability of your vehicle before you arrive.

Loading Guidelines

  • Driver’s vision must not be obstructed.
  • Overhangs that are dangerous are not acceptable, even if they are within the limits below.
  • If the load (including equipment used to support or retain the load) extends more than 200mm beyond the sides of the vehicle or trailer, or more than one metre beyond the front or back of the vehicle, then you must attach suitable warning device(s) to it.
Vehicle and Load Restraint 1
During daylight you must attach:
    • Flags (coloured white or fluorescent red, orange or yellow, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide)
    • Standard hazard warning panels (coloured yellow/green with an orange stripe, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide).
Vehicle and Load Restraint 2
  • Webforge Locker will not load more than 50kg on roof racks or 80kg on Ute trade racks unless provided with written verification that the vehicle is capable of higher load.

Load Restraint

All loads must be restrained to prevent movement during transport of material. In particular the load must be restrained to be able to resist specific forces in different directions of movement. Refer the “Safe Loading guidelines”, from the New Zealand Transport Agency: www.nzta.govt.nz  

Please note that Webforge Locker is not responsible for final load lashing and securing.

Please note that Webforge Locker reserves the right to refuse loading on any vehicle that falls outside of these guidelines or any other loading practice that our staff deem unsafe.

Maximum Load Overhang

Vehicle and Load Restraint 3