Handrails for stairways, high platform walkways, and other raised pathways, are important infrastructure for employees and members of the general public. Correctly designed, and installed, handrails reduce the possibility of falls and prevention of potentially serious injury.

At Meshstore, we supply the Monowills Link safety barrier system, a compliant and effective solution for your responsibilities, under NZS/AS 1657, concerning guardrails and handrails for stairways, platforms, walkways and similar structures.

Monowills Link is a modular handrail system designed by the industry leader Webforge. Webforge stanchions can accommodate all common handrail scenarios, such as ramps, stairs, and platforms.

The Monowills Link solution provides an easy-to-assemble system that our experienced Meshstore team can assist you with sourcing suitable componentry for your specific application.

Handrail systems by Monowills Link are made of galvanized steel and are simply bolted on-site using concealed grub screws allowing for easy adjustment to achieve a perfect fit.

Monowills Link handrail systems are fully compliant with NZS/AS 1657.

The NZS/AS 1657 Standard sets out requirements for the design, construction and installation of fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders where the purpose is to provide a means of safe access to, and safe working at, places normally used by operation, inspection, maintenance and service personnel. The NZS/AS 1657 Standard also covers methods for testing guardrails and posts, and provides typical component dimensions, and spacings, for guard railing.