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Walk This Way For Mesh Flooring

For many flooring and walkway applications, metal mesh is the material of choice.

For industrial or agricultural use the benefits are clear to see, mesh flooring is strong, it’s hard wearing and can meet the requirements of New Zealand Standards such as NZS 1657 2013. Walkway mesh products can also offer outstanding levels of grip, even on an inclined surface, making them perfect for surfaces that need to be non-slip. Mesh also drains well, so for wet environments it excels. Galvanised steel or aluminium mesh is washable and corrosion resistant. For sterile environments stainless steel mesh can be used. Elevated walkways or platforms commonly need to be guarded with a perimeter handrail such as our Monowills or our Monowills Link range, speak to your local branch to find out more.

Mesh products can also be used to create striking decorative features. Safe-T-Perf is such a product, it’s made from perforated stainless steel and is regularly used by architects when function and style are both high priorities.

Meshstore Auckland stocks a wide range of mesh flooring for all applications. Expanded metal walkway mesh, Gripspan and Shurgip planks, woven wire animal flooring and perforated metal flooring.


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